Pressure Controllers

Pressure Controllers

Brooks Pressure ControllerElectronic pressure controllers are flexible devices for manipulating the pressure of gas or liquid upstream or downstream of the device. Brooks electronic pressure controllers utilize the core control technology present in our industry leading thermal mass flow controllers.

Brooks replaces the thermal mass flow sensor with an integral pressure sensor. Industry leading control valve technology and software then control the pressure of a fluid based on a setpoint signal to the device. Using a closed loop control, Brooks pressure controllers eliminate the droop and hysteresis associated with traditional mechanical spring diaphragm pressure regulators. Brooks pressure controllers are available with internal pressure sensors to control pressure in a range from torr to 4500 psig.

Brooks pressure controllers can be configured to use external pressure sensors for added flexibility. When using an external pressure sensor the flow of the gas required to maintain pressure can be monitored.

The SLA Series is Brooks Instrument's premier family of smart digital pressure controllers and pressure controlling flowmeters. These instruments have a wide pressure measurement and control range and are suitable for an extensive range of operating conditions in applications like thin film processes, chemical and petrochemical research, laboratory, analytical, fuel cell and life sciences among others.

New Features:Newly enhanced with upgraded electronics, a broader offering of analog and digital I/O options, improved service port access, the SLA5800 Series pressure controllers provides users with a single platform to support virtually any application.


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