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Magnetrol Flow Controls

Low Flow Liquid Meters & Controllers

Magnetic Flowmeters

Polaris┬« is an electromagnetic flow meter that is capable of measuring liquids with a conductivity as low as 5 ┬ÁS/cm in closed pipes. It is an accurate and repeatable flow meter that is suitable for a variety of water based and sludge flow applications.

FPI Mag for Industrial Water

The FPI Mag operates based on Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction: When water (a conductor) moves through a magnetic field, it produces a voltage that is directly proportional to the velocity of the conductor.

The FPI Mag Full Profile Insertion mag meter supports the following water and wastewater treatment applications:

  • Distribution
  • Effluent
  • Pumping Stations
  • UV Dosing
  • Filter Balancing and Backwash
  • Wells & Booster Stations
  • Effluent
  • Recycle/Reclaim

High-Flow Glass Tube Variable Area Flow Meters (Rotameters)

Armored Variable Area Flow Meters (Rotameters)

  • Globally approved for use in hazardous environments
  • Needle valves available for flow control
  • Multiple connection options to match your existing system and provide easy installation
  • Many corrosion resistant material options for the metering of aggressive fluids
  • Alarm and 4-20mA with HART options provide for remote flow monitoring
  • Excellent meter repeatability provides consistent batch and/or process production
  • No power required which reduces installation cost and provides flow measurement in hazardous area
  • Low-pressure dropBrooks Rotameter

Purgemeters / Variable Area Flow Meters (Rotameters)

Propeller Flow Meters

Vane Type Flow meter

Insertion Flowmeters
Insertion flowmeters provide an ecconomical solution for large pipe sizes and difficult flow applications. Installation is simple with standard pipe fittings. Probe lengths from 6 to 54 inches for use in pipe sizes from 1.5" to 72" . Wide measuring range up to 30:1 turndown. Insertion flowmeters technologies include; Insertion Turbine, Insertion Paddlewheel., Insertion Magnetic, Pitot Tube and others.
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