Vacuum Feedthroughs, Heating Elements, and Custom Process Heaters for Aerospace, University Research, Semiconductor, Medical and OEM Applications

Vacuum Heated Chucks & Heated Platens (100 C - 700 C+)


450mm Vacuum Heater Chuck

450mm Vacuum Heater Chuck

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Application up to 450°C


Hot Chuck Heater 300mm

300mm Hot Chuck Heater

A vacuum brazed-in 6061 T6 aluminum heater with a 2-3 Ra µin surface finish.

Semiconductor Heater

300mm Compressed Heater Chuck

Innovative manufacturing process lowers cost.

300mm Vacuum Heater Pedestal

300mm Vacuum Heater Pedestal

Vacuum Heater Pedestal for the manufacturing of 300mm silicon wafers.


High Temp Chuck Heater

200mm High Temp Heater Chuck

Exceptional uniformity, vacuum integrity, temperature stability.

200mm 8” Copper Molybdenum (CuMo) Heater Chuck

200mm 8” Copper Molybdenum (CuMo) Heater Chuck

Better Uniformity, Higher Temperature Threshold

High Temp Puck Heater 200mm

High Temp Puck Heater - 200mm

The demand for high temperature applications in various industries has led to the development of the High Temp Puck Heater - 200mm.


Vacuum Pedestal Heater - Extended Sleeve

Vacuum Pedestal Heater

Heating solution for an ALD Vacuum Chamber Heater.

Semiconductor Heater Chuck

150mm 6" Stainless Heater Chuck

Beyond the limits of aluminum.

Clamped-In Coil Heater

Clamped-In Coil Heater

Provides excellent temperature uniformity at lower cost.


Vented Hold Heater Chuck

Vented Hole Heater Chuck

Elevate your semiconductor processes to the next level with BCE's Vented Hole Heater Chuck.

Platens Vacuum or Atmosphere

Vacuum Heater Platens

Vacuum Heater Platens

Can be used in vacuum and atmosphere for electronic processing of next-generation displays such as computer monitors and smartphones.

350mm Profile Low Mass Vacuum Heater Platen

Vacuum Heated Platen - 350mm

Solution in a vacuum chamber for the testing and processing of silicon and glass components.

High Temp Puck Heater

High Temp Puck Heater

The demand for high temperature applications in various industries has led to the development of the innovative High Temp Puck Heater.

Extrusion Die Heater

Extrusion Die Heater

Extrusion is a continuous process that can be adapted to produce a wide range of finished or semi-finished products. Extrusion machines are fitted with a variety of dies.

Vacuum and Atmosphere Heater Chucks and Platens for the Semiconductor Wafer & Standard Manufacturing Processes

Industrial process tools used for memory devices, transistors, crystal silicon, microprocessors, photovoltaic (PV) cells, and thin film PV cells. All these applications required a shrewd knowledge of temperature, BCE continues to innovate and provide customer specific thermal solutions that are critical to next generation equipment and processes.

Resistive heaters that provide a very high level of temperature uniformity across the semiconductor wafer to ensure consistent quality plus highly repeatable and efficient wafer processing. Aluminum 6061-T6 heaters are vacuum brazed with operating temperatures up to 450°C, temperature uniformity of +/-1%, and can have a 2-3Ra µin surface finish. The heaters can be tested for up to 100 m-ohm Isolation at 1000VDC and Hi-pot of 2E+1,000 or greater at 1-3mA.

Stainless steel and Inconel heater plates/chucks can reach temperatures of up to 700°C+ with ceramic thermal breaks in between the flange and the base plate. These heater plates are generally welded with three mating plugs for compression and have an outside weld on the edge. They can be built with grounded internal thermocouples for a quick response to the resistance wire for ramping and high temperature monitoring. This ensures that over-temperature circuit breaks can be minimized while maintaining the quickest reaction time in scaling down a fast ramp rate.

The BCE Advantage

  • Engineering support for new and existing designs
  • Rapid prototyping and machine parts
  • Quick responses on inquiries and quotations
  • Proprietary internal element patterns
  • Expertise in semiconductor process heating and sensing based in Silicon Valley
  • Flatness and temperature uniformity engineering
  • Dielectric, temperature, and m-Ohm testing onsite with Certs of Conformance
  • Vacuum feedthrough design on all sensors, heaters, and atmospheric connections
  • Bench testing on new and existing designs  

Heater Designs for Semiconductor Processing & Standard Manufacturing

  • Immersion heaters using 316 Stainless Steel Sheath
  • Alumina heaters
  • Pedestal heaters in Aluminum, Stainless, and Inconel
  • Bake/Chill Platens
  • Vacuum Ring Heaters
  • Bake/Chill Pedestals
  • Brazed-in 76mm to 300mm Heater Chucks
  • Clamp-in Coil Heaters


BCE Engineering & Quality Assurance

BCE engineers provide decades of experience in design and development, delivering a wealth of empirical data and experience. BCE welcomes your custom requirement and will design and deliver a part that meets your challenging needs.

BCE is recognized for its commitment to quality and excellence by being certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.
ISO 9001

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